Giving Back

Real Life...Real People...Real Joy!

From a pioneer Oklahoma family, Junia Doan was born, lived and worked (finance and fund management) in New York. That is, until she met her future husband, married and moved to Midland, Michigan. (Talk about change!)

There she was involved in the reorganization of the Matrix Midland Festival, an annual Arts, Humanity and Music Festival in Midland, MI.

Junia has also served on various boards including the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, The Population Reference Bureau, Washington, D.C., The Detroit Institute of Arts and the Michigan Council for the Humanities.

She created Uncommon Sense in 2002 to inspire, inform, entertain, educate and give courage to those who ask the big and small questions of life.

Now a widow, Junia has set sail. She lives in New York and Michigan (when she is not at a conference or paddle boarding).